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3 High-quality Goods PO Film
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Product: Views:1203 High-quality Goods PO Film 
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Product Details

PO film adopts polyethylene or polyethylene and EVA composite and then other additives (heat preservation agent, aging resistance agent, dust agent, etc.) through multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding, and adopts the external coating drying process to produce a new type of shed film, and the market traditional PE film and EVA film has obvious comparative advantages.

Product Introduction

Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Excellent transparency

Raw materials with good transparency, high film transmittance and low fog are selected to improve the temperature inside the shelter and promote crop photosynthesis.

2. Drip fog and shed film synchronization

Using external coating drying technology to make the flow droplets can reach the synchronization with the shelf film life.

3. Good insulation effect

Add high transparent insulation material, night can effectively block the infrared radiation inside the shed, ensure the temperature inside the shed

4. Long service life

Use high quality anti-aging additives to extend the service life of the shed film. The service life of the products with a thickness of more than 0.08mm can reach 2-3 years.

5. Excellent mechanical performance

Metallocene polyethylene material is added to make the film with high strength, strong wind resistance and not easy to damage.

6. Non-stick dust, surface dust control treatment, no fold, not easy to absorb dust, to maintain high light transmission for a long time.

Note for PO membrane:

1. PO film has positive and negative distinction, see the requirements of printing literally, coating layer inwards, do not buckle back, otherwise there is no dripping fog effect, other aspects of the product is also affected;

2. Do not scratch the outer coating of the film, otherwise it will affect its function of drip fogging;(when putting on the shed, tighten and level the shed film, do not stretch the film);Fumigation with sulfur and spraying pesticides on the film surface will affect the service life of the film and lead to premature aging of the film. Do not burn vegetable residues, gasoline and other sundries in the film.

3. In the initial stage of PO film canopy, there are often fish scales and water droplets forming, which will gradually improve over time and eventually achieve the mirror effect.

Specification: width 2---12m thickness 0.08---0.14mm

Product processing

Product Packing


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